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Originally founded by Richard Jackson in 2007 RPJ Accountancy was set up to offer small business owners access to the type of advice and support that Richard had been providing to corporate management teams for the past 20years.
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“Small business owners are in a catch 22, the information and advice that could make all the difference to their business is either unavailable or unaffordable. To be able to use my knowledge where it can have the biggest impact was the number 1 reason I left the corporate world”.

“That’s the mission for my Company; to provide a first-class accounting service but at the same time to transfer the knowledge we have to our clients so that they are better equipped to successfully manage their businesses.”

“10years on I’m glad to say we’ve have a number of fantastic success stories where our clients have implemented our advice to great effect. We even have a few that thankfully are still in business because they got the right advice at the right time”.

“If you are just starting out or you're managing a growing business and you know there are significant gaps in either your knowledge or the data available to you on your business performance then I believe we can make a big difference to you and I’d like to think after reading this you’ll contact us to find out how. “

Our Skills

The team at RPJ Accountancy are as you would expect highly qualified and experienced in providing Accountancy, Tax and Advisor services to Small Businesses.  We pride ourselves on our accuracy, speed and professionalism.

Management Reporting88%
Cloud Solutions60%

Specialist Solutions

Small Business

How much better would your business be if your Accountant was pro-active in offering advice in areas such as cash generation, profit growth and taxation as well as taking care of all your compliance work in a timely manner?

Would it help if you were able to pick up the phone and speak with an experienced business advisor that knows and understands your business?

New Business

Meet Your Team

Accountants, Tax Advisors, Sage Resellers, QuickBooks Pro Advisors,
Fully Licensed,Insured and a very friendly bunch!
Richard Jackson MAAT
Richard Jackson MAATFounder & CEO
Keen Golfer and reluctant Gym goer
Hannah Fell FCA
Hannah Fell FCASenior Accountant
Kelly Hagland MICB
Kelly Hagland MICBPayroll Manager
Melanie Cunningham FMAAT
Melanie Cunningham FMAATAccounts Manager

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