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A selection of handy downloadable guides aimed at helping you understand and plan for all your Tax and Accounting Deadlines.
free tax tips guide

Tax Tips For Directors

Last year the Chancellor stood up and changed the game for small business owners. He hit us with Dividend Tax increases, restrictions to Employers Allowance and a number of other changes.

In this FREE concise guide we look at your options to extract profits tax efficiently.

Clear, simple advice on the Key areas;

  • Salary/Dividend - It's all changed for 2016-17
  • Working from Home - Deductions for a Home Office
  • Expenses - Life Insurance, Mobiles, Travel
  • Company Cars
  • Staff Entertainment
  • Pensions
  • Special Bonus! - FREE Tax Consultation Offer
contractor guide booklet

2017 Contractor Guide

If you’re just starting out in contracting and are finding the whole issue of running your own Limited Company and dealing with various taxes a little daunting then this concise guide to Contracting was written with you in mind.

Clear, simple advice on the Key areas;

  • Employment Status and IR35
  • Umbrella or Limited Company?
  • VAT – Flat Rate Scheme Changes 2017
  • Salary and Dividends (Updated for 2016-17 Tax Year)
  • Expenses – What can you claim?
  • Pensions - Planning for your Future
  • Record Keeping – What HMRC expects you to keep
desk top calendar

7 Key Dates for Your Diary

Make sure you never miss a deadline again with our list of 7 Key dates for Small Business Owners.

Make sure these date go in your dairy today!

  • Annual Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • PAYE and NI
  • VAT
  • Self-Assessment (inc POA)
  • Dividends
  • P11d Benefits

Get these dates now- it could save you £'000s.

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