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Many small business owners in the UK remunerate themselves using a blend of salary and dividends for the sizable tax savings available. The problem is most don’t complete the required paperwork to make the dividend legal and therefore leave themselves open to challenge from HMRC.

If you’re thinking, that’s ok my accountant takes care of that……err no they probably don’t and here’s why.

Your accountant will see your total drawings at the end of the year and work out the best tax treatment for the money drawn however you are probably in the habit of taking a monthly dividend during the year to top up your salary.

The dividend vouchers need to be dated as the dividends are issued and they are an internal document.

The easy way to know whether you or your accountant need to worry about this is by asking yourself a simple question.

Have you ever received a copy of a Dividend Voucher from your accountant?

I’m guessing the answer is no and in which case you should be completing one internally each month. That may sound like a pain in the neck but it’s a very simple form which once set up you change the date and value and save it in case HMRC ever raise a question.

To help you we have a very simple free dividend voucher template in word which you can download below

Unfortunately as its a word document I can't embed it and changing it to a PDF would mean that you wouldn't be able to edit it (probably) so the only way is to offer it via email. Once you receive it you can unsubscribe from our list or chose to remain and receive selected updates during the year.

Download Instructions

  1. Simply enter your name and email address below
  2. Confirm your email address when requested
  3. You will receive an email with a link to download the dividend template in word format
  4. Once downloaded save the template and edit as required
  5. Where highlighted insert your company details
  6. Each month change the dates and values and save a copy on file

Going forward you will now have the paperwork to support your tax efficient dividend and salary structure ensuring no problems with HMRC…. Well at least on the paperwork.

Download Your Free Template

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