Gifts and Tax


Gifts and Tax

Around this time of year, I start to get questions as to what gifts can be bought for clients and staff.  Fortunately, the rules are fairly straight forward.

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How to Avoid Illegal Dividends


Director Remuneration in 2020/21

Much has changed and how Directors remunerate themselves during 2020/21 tax year is no longer a simple question of tax efficiency.  

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2019-20 Yearend Checklist


With the end of the 2019/20 tax year fast approaching we’ve updated our Year end Checklist for Companies and Company Directors. 10 Quick Tips to ensure you’ve maximised your allowances and reduced your potential liabilities ahead of April 5th !

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Research and Development Relief FAQ

scientists conducting experiment

To support the science and technology industry in the UK the Government introduced what’s known as Research and Development relief. The aim of the relief is to provide companies with tax benefits for investing in research projects that may lead to significant advances in their field.

Interestingly the relief can be claimed even if the project proves unsuccessful providing certain criteria are met.

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